We are a young and dynamic team, driven and passionate by our work.  Join us in an ambitious company that keeps growing, with opportunities to grow in your career.


Flexible Schedule

Enjoy flexible hours and the opportunity to work from home!



Our team is all about collaboration and teamwork. We encourage diversity of opinions (so don't be afraid to tell yours!)


Gaming Nights

Blow some steam off and relax with the team during gaming nights!

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Working at Mechasys is...

being part of a team that is curious, dedicated to knowledge and innovation, and fun-loving. Although we are driven by the opportunity to make something better, we are also focused on creating lasting human relationships, either among colleagues or with clients. 


How is life at Mechasys?

Mechasys is a team of curious and ambitious individuals that are dedicated to creating real human relationships. There's never a dull moment at work!
William St-Pierre
CEO, Mechasys

Mechasys is the ideal company for students and recent graduates who wish to take a lot of experience quickly in their field. Flexible hours allowed me to work during my studies and to learn the trade very quickly. The team is very patient and encouraging and allows you to take initiatives.

Martine Francoeur
Operations Intern, Mechasys

Everyday at Mechasys, we work hard but we do it in a joyful fashion. Because more than just a product, we're developing a team. A team that is messianically thriving for the next stride that will elevate themselves and the company to new heights. Here at Mechasys we profoundly understand that the success of one is the success of all of us

Charles Ha
VP Technology, Mechasys

Sharing is important at Mechasys, whether it’s knowledge or beer. Even during my internship, I always felt like a member of the team, and it continues to motivate me and get involved in the work.

Thierry Lasserre
Eng. Mechanic, Mechasys

Mechasys is a diverse, challenge-based team that promotes collaboration and transparency. As a young company, we maintain a flexible and understanding mentality, where everyone has the same weight in the balance.

Jonathan Lefebvre
VP Operations, Mechasys

Creating interior system innovation with clients


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